Recording Drums.

There's recording, and then there's RECORDING DRUMS. The foundation you'll build your entire song on has to be solid and can be tricky especially if you are just starting out.

You can watch a hundred YouTube videos by randos AND you can also grab this quick FREE guide to set you on the majestic path to drum recording righteousness based on real world experience.

Discover tips and insights from someone who has been working professionally for over a decade. 

“ This e-book is jam-packed with the kind of practical wisdom(?) that can only be learned on the front lines — the kind I like to read and I hope you will, too. It's my goal to help people self-recording their own drums to take it up a level."

Adam Whittaker 

Mixed By Adam

What’s Inside ?

I kept it simple, dividing the book into key sections about each part of the drumset, and then the drum kit as a whole. I'm not a writer, but I AM an engineer and a career of experience with you. 

Today, I mix for a living. Records that YOU recorded a lot of the time. Can you see why I want to help you record better drums? In the old days you'd learn as an assistant then become and engineer and steal everyone's tricks along the way. That doesn't happen as often anymore, so here - steal mine. Enjoy!



Overheads, Toms, Rooms

Assorted Mic Techniques

Get on the path of drumliciousness !

Simple, practical tips to record great sounding drums. Make my life easier. Download the FREE e-book now !